Annie Wang's Portfolio


1st Place – Overall – Annie Wang – “White Peonies”

1ST PLACE - OA - Wang_2_Botanicals_White-peonies
Annie Wang was born in Kaifeng, China, one of the seven ancient capitals of China. In this ancient city, Annie developed her love for art through her creative mother, who was ingenious with her handwork. Annie taught herself to paint in her childhood; she enjoyed painting everything she saw with beautiful designs and flowers that might be on a bowl or a vase.

As a 16 year old, she was admitted to the Art Academy of Henan University, the highest art institute in Henan Province and she graduated in 1994. She also studied the traditional Chinese ink painting techniques from Professor Hao Dawei, the son of the famous painting artist Haoshilin.

In 2007 Annie immigrated to America and has lived in Los Angeles since then. Filled with nostalgia for her hometown and family in China, she finally came back to her love of art. Annie usually buys flowers every week, and paints them while they are fresh and beautiful. She gets her impressions from the masters in Chinese history, but she paints her flowers using her own style. Her composition and style are elegant with freshness and vitality. Annie feels that nature is an artist’s best teacher.

Annie developed her love of flowers with intelligence and inward spirituality. She has finally returned to her career to be an artist. She paints every flower differently to attract many types of patrons who love her style of painting, which is making her a popular artist. She has been focusing on Chinese ink painting of botanical painting in the Chinese art tradition. From her blossoming flower paintings is emerging her own personal style.